Kirsty holds a weekly workshop called ‘Explore Your True Potential’. It is personal development group for those of you wanting to develop your spiritual and personal goals.relaxing image

Whether you are stuck in a rut at work or struggling with a personal situation, Kirsty will be offering techniques and strategies that evoke positive change and a sense of taking control of your life’s purpose.

These groups will be held every Thursday and will have a different topic each session with practical tools for you to work on in between each group. The idea is to promote an encouraging space for us to work together towards our dreams and aspirations.

Thursdays ~ 6.30 – 7.30pm ~ £9

To find out more about these workshop visit Kirsty’s

Explore Your True Potential Blog

If you have any questions regarding this workshop please leave your message in the comments below or contact us directly.

There are opporunities within this group for Kirsty’s Reiki students to lead a group healing session.

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